Work Coordinator

The Danish Working Environment Authority's Order No. 117 of February 5, 2013 deals with the obligations of the developer.

A1 Mandskab ApS offers the role of ” Work Environment Coordinator (P) ” in the design phase, where The following tasks are performed:

  • Meet meetings with the local security organization in all phases of the project
  • Ensure adequate and necessary investigations
  • Ensure that work environment conditions are included in design and layout
  • Create and maintain ” Designers & Advisors ” Register of risks in the execution, commissioning, operation and maintenance phase
  • Create posts about working environment to ” Building Site Terms & rdquo; for tender material
  • Review of Contractors' Offers for Work Environment
  • Develop the Developer's & Health & Safety Plan ”
  • Compile written submission to the Occupational Health Coordinator (B)


A1 Mandskab ApS offers the role of ” Occupational Health Coordinator (B) ” in the execution phase, where The following tasks are performed:

  • Maintain the Developer's (Projecting and Advisory) Registry of Building, Startup, and Maintenance Risks
  • Implement the Builders Health and Safety Plan (PSS) at the site of construction
  • Update the developer's PSS as the construction changes character
  • Establish and operate access control system for the construction site's construction site
  • Teach and advise contractors at the site of construction about the working environment in the specific project
  • Conduct dialogue meetings with entrepreneurs regarding their occupational health and safety plan
  • Ensure ongoing monitoring of construction site installations and safety measures
  • Register contractors and employees at the site of construction in the construction site's journal
  • Register work environment and environmental deviations in the site site's journal
  • Register hours delivered on site for calculating LTIF (Lost Time Incident Frequency) in site site journal
  • Record the measurement of the construction site's condition in relation to the working environment and environment in connection with the daily / weekly landing on the site. The measurement is included in the construction site's journal
  • Meet security meeting
  • Perform Work Environment Assessment (Pattern Workplace Rounding)
  • Daily security rounding in planned areas (plan to be made at the week's coordination meeting in the building management)
  • Perform topic specific or contractor-specific security rounding, as needed