Let's handle the quality assurance of your project. We perform quality activity plans based on ISO 9001, 9002 and 9003 with Receipt Control, Process Control and End Control.


Better management of your time. We help you with:

  • Measuring
  • Extraction of material quantities
  • Obtaining offers from subcontracting
  • Calculation of Insulation Thickness
  • Documentation
  • Quality
  • Technical drawings
  • Visualization
  • Noise and acoustics calculations
  • Energy Calculations

Do you participate in many invitations and ship many offers?

So, do you know the feeling of running a little bit in calculations and Excel sheets. If you would rather spend your time at the construction site while making sure your calculations are based on the best possible basis, we are an obvious opportunity for you.

Visualization and Drawings

We make technical documentation in the form of Autodesk Inventor and Autocad drawings as well as possibly. subsequent rendering and visualization.

We measure and calculate your supply material when you are in charge of managing projects.

In order for you to have a smooth access to orders, it's important to get out of your bid, even if you are busy with orders execution. Let us measure and calculate so your resources are released for the completion of projects.

Teknisk Isolering Services

NDA – Non-disclosure agreement

Confidentiality is a matter of course, but we would like to sign an NDA before we receive your material, so you can feel safe by handling our confidential data.

We make documentation and measure the following project types:

  • Plate Sheath
  • Armaflex
  • Heating
  • Cool
  • Paper and canvas
  • Isogeno
  • Facade
  • Sandwich Panel
  • Noise and acoustics
  • Fire
  • thought
  • HVAC
  • Ship Isolation
  • Asbestos


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