A1 Mandskab's carpenters are one to assist both for new construction as well as setup, rebuilding and maintenance of construction.

Our employees are experts in carpentry and perform their work with professional pride. The A1 carpenters help with various designs, set roof tiles and roof tiles, lay floors and mount doors, windows, etc.

Skillful Self-Timber

We know that you need to use skilled, independent fitters at short notice. Through our agents, we have access to more than 100 carpenters from across the EU and, by offering well-organized Danish conditions, have the opportunity to pick the best in the industry.

We have the right man for your project

  • Roof constructions (spines, twigs and vineyards)
  • Roof rails and roof tiles
  • Façade
  • Installation of windows, doors, etc.
  • Floor Covering
  • Thermal

Easy Administration

Our fitters are employed in Danish company, have danish cpr. number and pay Danish tax. You are therefore exempt from tax deduction of taxes and charges.

Better management of labor costs

  • Sick pay
  • Holidays and Holidays Payment
  • Vacation
  • Weekend days
  • course days
  • Academic Meetings
  • leave
  • school start
  • Termination
  • Availability Days
  • Payroll

No Tax Issues and Labor Inspectorate

As our fitters are employed by a Danish company, under Danish conditions and receive collective wages, there is no RUT registration with subsequent verification of AT and no claim to you withholding tax with the additional administration it provides.

The toolbox for a carpenter is by default

  • Hammer
  • Karroserimejsel
  • Helmet
  • Screwdriver 18 V
  • Staples with staples
  • U-Ear Protection
  • Makita Sticksaw
  • Isolation Knife
  • Safety glasses
  • Add 31 parts
  • Cutter knife
  • Vest
  • Hammerbor sæs SDS
  • Cutter 220 mm
  • Carpenters Pencil
  • Copenhagen
  • Plate shears 350mm
  • Ruler
  • Carpenter's hammer
  • Carpenter's square
  • Kritsnor
  • Mounting Hammer
  • Water Pass 800 mm
  • Maternity 1.5 mm
  • Gypsum slicer
  • Fuksvans
  • Extension cord 10m.